Storage of chemicals and mixtures is provided in underground tanks. 

The warehouses are equipped with a system for catching and returning vapours to the tanks. Input and output meters, and a levels measuring system have been fitted. Instructions have been provided for safe use of the facility equipment.


The work on storage and manufacture of base organic solvents and thinners for alkyd paints is carried out in a closed cycle in the underground tanks under controlled conditions.

Goods at the Excise Tax Warehouse are delivered to corporate contract partners in Bulgaria and abroad.

All delivery types are carried out using road transport.

ALEL Limited manufactures and offers high quality products in Bulgaria and abroad. The raw materials are supplied directly by renowned manufacturers. We can summarizeour products in the following way:

Tax Warehouse

Tax Warehouse-production

The excise goods included in our licence are:

Solvents manufactured by us:

Other goods supplied by us are:

·      (27101221)

·      38140090


·        -Mineral turpentine

·        -Odourless mineral turpentine, incl. D40; D60 etc.

·            - Isopar L


·        (29024100)

·        - Ortho-xylene

·        (29023000)

·        - Toluene

·        (27073000)

·        - Xylol

·        (27101225)

Special benzenes – other

·            n-hexanes

·        (27075000)

·        Mixtures of aromatic hydrocarbons
Solveso 150 ND


·        XBA (xylol 95 % + butyl acetate 5%)

·        TBA (toluene 95 % + butyl acetate 5%)




Depending on the need of our customers, we can also produce other different products.


(29153300)  butyl acetate

(29153100)  ethyl acetate


(29141100)  acetone

(29141200)  mthyl-ethyl-ketone


·        (29051200)  isopropyl alcohol

(29051100)  methanol

·        methoxypropanol



·        monopropylene glycol

·        monoethylene glycol

DEG diethylene glycol



Phosphoric acid

·        (28070010)

·        Sulphuric acid

·        Acetic acid


·        Potassium hydroxide solution

·        Ammoniac solution

Sodium hydroxide



Base oils

And other products by order of the customer